LED Flood Lights - 50W, 200W


LED Floodlights are the modern choice for lighting of various large areas such as parking lots, open and closed working sites, as well as for decorative lighting for buildings. The main benefit of LED Floodlights is their energy saving feature, crucial for when light must be kept on for the whole night. 

The LED Floodlights have a high level of IP 65 protection, which allows for their use in various weather conditions on a warehouse, stadium, dock, landscape lighting, stage, building, billboard, etc.  

LED Floodlights are up to ten times more economical than the older halogen floodlights, therefore, the investment made for their purchase will normally be paid back within one year. Power conversion is close to 100%, and the same lighting effects can save over 80% energy than traditional lighting sources. LED Floodlights have a lifetime greater than five times that of the older halogen floodlights.

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