T8 Retrofit LED Tubes


T-8 LED Tubes are an ideal replacement and have many advantages over fluorescent tubes. As an LED-based light source, they are environmentally friendly and much longer lasting than fluorescent tubes with a minimum of 8 to 10 years compared to 2 years with fluorescent tubes. (This is based on an average of 4000 hours usage per year or about 11 hours a day at ≤ 77 °F)

As a Class 'A' LED Tube, it is compatible with existing electronic ballasts.

T-8 LED Tubes are compatible with existing ballasts and can be wired directly into 120v applications.
T8 LED Tubes are high-power, high-brightness, and high-efficiency, thus providing a substantial energy saving.
T8 LED Tubes have a longer life than incandescent or CFL electric lights.
T8 LED Tubes are green, contain no mercury, lead, or other harmful elements, and will not produce electromagnetic interference.

T8 LED Tubes emit pure light color and have a high color rendering index.
T8 LED Tubes do not emit ultraviolet or infrared light, nor produce harmful radiation.

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